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Pappardelle & Braised Lamb Pasta Kit for 2


Roasted for hours then left to slowly cook in a fragrant broth, our Pappardelle with braised lamb and rosemary is a rich, aromatic dish, completed with a shaving of grated Pecorino just before serving.

This Kit contains
- Fresh Pappardelle (130gr for 1 portion or 260gr for 2 portions)
- Homemade Lamb Ragu (200gr for 1 portion or 400gr for 2 portions)
- Fresh Parsley
- Grana Padano

Keep Refrigerated

Pappardelle (Flour, Semolina, Pasteurised Eggs), Lamb Sauce (Lamb, Onion, Celery, Garlic, Carrot, Red Wine, Lamb Stock, Lamb Glace, Salt, Pepper, Marsala), Rosemary, Pecorino

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