It all started with Nicola, who founded Single Variety Co back in 2016, determined to make the very best tasting fruit preserves and chilli jams that you can buy.

The journey began from Nicola’s kitchen at home in London. Visiting nearby farms (not that nearby, it’s a good few hours to find a farm from London!) she tried lots of different varieties of fruit and back home experimented until she had developed the tastiest jams using the least sugar possible, each jam showcasing the true flavour of the fruit.

On her travels Nicola also visited chilli farms and chose three very unique chillies to develop the three chilli jams- one mild, one hot and one super-hot!

Whilst they’ve outgrown Nicola’s home kitchen, they still stay true to their roots, passionately sourcing all ingredients from dedicated farmers, using 100% British fruit in the fruit preserves (except for Alphonso Mangos and Oranges as it’s not hot enough to grow them here!) and making all of their products in small batches. Their mission is to simply make delicious jams which you want to use in all sorts of ways!