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Pumpkin Ravioli Pasta Kit for 2



Our Pumpkin Ravioli are perfect for those colder months with a rich and creamy filling, best served with butter, sage, toasted hazelnuts and finished with grated Grana Padano.

This Kit contains:

- Pumpkin Ravioli (10 ravioli for 1 portion or 20 ravioli for 2 portions)
- Sage Butter (20gr for 1 portion or 40gr for 2 portions)
- Toasted Hazelnuts
- Fresh Sage
- Grana Padano*

Keep Refrigerated

Pumpkin Ravioli (Pumpkin, Flour, Water, Olive Oil, Grana Padano, Salt, Nutmeg, Semolina, Pasteurised Egg), Sage Butter, Roasted Hazelnuts, Grana Padano

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