Herb Fed was founded by Edward Wilkinson, chartered surveyor turned farmer. Edward left London in the credit crunch and with farming in his blood, returned to Yorkshire to develop his own business.

Their poultry is traditionally farmed, hand-fed and kept in small flocks so that they are truly free to forage for food and roam their Yorkshire pasture.

Their birds have something else rather special about them – their unique diet which includes over 10 varieties of fresh herbs. On top of their natural cereal based feed, free from additives and growth promoters, they have adapted their bird’s diet to introduce fresh herbs.

The herbs are a by-product produced locally, by Edwards Aunt’s herb company – Herbs Unlimited.

Herb Fed are proud to be the only producers in the country feeding their poultry on this diet. By maintaining the highest possible animal welfare standards and enhancing their diet with fresh herbs, their birds have a flavour that is difficult to beat.