The Tomato Stall have been exciting taste buds with their speciality tomatoes since 2007 and are well known for growing the UK’s best tasting toms. The Island boasts a unique maritime climate and a higher average sunshine hour than other parts of the UK – creating the perfect conditions to grow great tasting tomatoes!

 When The Tomato Stall started, taking Isle of Wight Tomatoes to farmers’ markets in and around London, Britain had fallen out of love with these versatile fruits. Tomatoes were round and tasteless, and it seemed only accomplished gardeners or those travelling abroad could enjoy them as they should be. They offered something different, great-tasting tomatoes locally grown and delivered perfectly ripe just hours after picking. Word soon spread and in the years since The Tomato Stall has become well known with chefs and foodies nationwide for their great-tasting tomatoes.

 They believe their environment matters, so that’s why they compost all their plant waste and use the resulting compost to enrich the soil of the organic crops the following year. Having our their composting facility also gives them the opportunity to fine-tune the nutrient requirements for each plant. This has helped to reduce fertilizer inputs, improve soil fertility and structure which results in more delicious tomatoes. Working with a team of bumbles to pollinate all their plants and keeping the perfect balance of predators to pests, allows them to keep their plants healthy and happy.