Trude's Grocery

Seasonal Salad and Vegetable Box


1 box

Everything you need for the week ahead, whether lunch or dinner. The contents of the box will change depending on what our suppliers are growing at the moment and what is tasting great. We've thrown in a garlic bulb and a lemon because you never know when you might need to add that little extra something to your meal!

Our current box contains:

Jersey Royal Potatoes (UK)

Bunched Leafy Carrots (UK)

Large Leaf Spinach (UK)

Red Pepper (Italy)

Cherry Vine Tomatoes (UK)

Cucumber (UK)

Avocados (Ethiopia)

Spring Onions (Italy)

Rocket (Italy)

Garlic Bulb (Italy)

Lemon - Amalfi (Italy)

Bunch of Herbs (Italy)

Image does not show all of the produce listed above