The Real Cure

Hartgrove Coppa


1 pack - 55g

This air dried ham is made from the neck fillet (also known as the collar of the pig). The hams are dry cured under refrigerated conditions for 3 weeks. After the dry curing process the hams are wrapped in collagen sheets, to protect from over drying and netted to give an even shape. They are then air dried at 75% - 80% humidity for a minimum of 3 months until they have lost roughly 40% of their initial weight.


Country of Origin - UK, Dorset

Keep refrigerated. Allow product to come up to room temp before serving.

Once opened keep loosely wrapped in grease-proof in fridge to avoid over drying.

Ingredients - pork collar, salt, sugar, garlic powder, bay leaves, black pepper, sodium nitrite, sodium nitrate